Friday, June 8, 2012

What's New in Bohol?

I've been to Bohol, Philippines twice. I'm just so inlove with the place. The peaceful environment, something you would really love if you live in the city. It was 2 or 3 years ago when I last went to Bohol and stayed at the house of a good friend of mine.

We all know about the most common destinations in Bohol,Philippines.
Chocolate Hills,Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary,Baclayon Church,Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park and etc.

Earlier this morning I watched a certain TV show "KRIS RealiTV"  and they featured the newest attactions and adventures you can do in Bohol.
So what's new in Bohol?
Here's the list of the newest exciting adventures and places you can visit in Bohol.
1. Ultralight Flying
If you aren't afraid of heights or would like to conquer that fear, YOU better try this. 
This is located at Danao Airpark in Bohol. A pilot will be there to let you experience this exciting adventure.
for more info's i found this: click on the link below
2. Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant
Bohol Bee Farm is located in Panglao Island.It offers something unique to their guests. They provide foods that is organically made. They even serve a salad with colorful edible.
 Bohol Bee Farm has a viewing deck facing the sea. 

3.Kayaking on Wahig River
For those who love kayaking you can try kayaking at Wahig River
This is an exhilarating activity where one rides colorful Kayaks paddling through the currents of the Wahig River. The rides take about 10 minutes or more; longer if taken from the upper tributary before the bridge, that is, if the water is safe enough for the taking.  Head gears and life vests are a must for safety purposes. 
3.Tubing on Wahig River
This is most likely similar to Kayaking at still on Wahig River.
Tubbing is a fun group activity, perfect for team building.

4. Skyride or Cable Car
The next time I'll go to Bohol , i'm definitely going to try this one.
The Sky Ride is like a cable car ride and you can see the view of the Wahig river. The small open air cabin is suspended 200 meters above the ground that will take you to a 15 minute ride back and forth. The cable car has a maximum capacity of 6 pax or persons. It has a working load of 8 tons.

5. Kamaria Cave
Kamaria Cave has a natural pool good for drinking and swimming, bestowed with stalagmites and stalactites, as well as a surviving group of albino crabs, bats and cave fishes. This cave was named after a woman named ‘Maria’ who supposedly owned this cave.
For those who have tried something new in Bohol. Please feel free to share it in the comment section.
Thanks guys!
p.s i dont own the photos.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What to do in Palawan

Palawan is such a great place to refresh , oh well.. im just basing it as what I have seen on T.V and photos only.
I'm actually planning to go there next year and because of too much excitement, I already did some research on what to do there aside from soaking myself in the beach. I landed on a certain website and found a list. 

So for all of you who is also planning to go to Palawan. I'll share to you some info's about their activities. I just researched it on the Internet. So i can't answer you the very little details you might want to know.

The subterranean river or also known as the underground river is one of the new 7 Wonders of the World. It is the longest navigable underground river in the world. It was once also known as the St. Paul underground river. 
Its main focus is 8.2 km. long underground river that flows beneath a spectacular limestone formation before directly emptying into the sea.
because there is a limit of visitors daily in order to control the human footprint on the caverns which is also a Unesco World Heritage site.
here's another related article:
You can check the booking schedule at the official Underground River Office click link below:

Honda Bay is considered as one of the Philippine's premiere tourist destinations. It is where you can find the most exclusive resorts in the country. With its crystal white sand beaches, impressive landscape, fishing villages and rainforests, it is a great destination of adventurers and nature lovers.

Honda Bay is located just a few minutes from the Puerto Princessa city.Honda bay boasts white sand, the absolutely untouched beach fringes and an amazing shore featuring unbelievably clear water.

Tubbataha Reef is coral reef which is located in the Sulu Sea of the Philippines. It is a marine sanctuary protected as Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. It is nominated at the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Tubbataha is the Philippines' only marine natural Park and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place being preserved for generations to come.

The word "tubbataha" is a combination of two Samal words which means "a long reef exposed at low tide". There are over 1000 species inhabit in the reef; many are already considered as endangered. The animal species that can be found include manta rays, lionfish, tortoise, clownfish, and sharks. Tubbataha Reef is a marine sanctuary having a reef of enormous size.

to be updated ...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cebu Top Beach Resorts

best cebu beach resorts
Cebu Beach Resorts is one of the favorite travel destinations for tourists and even for locals esp. during summertime. Cebu beaches is well known of its crystalline waters, and fine white sands, everyone would surely love the tropical relaxing island. It is perfect for beach weddings or simply walking with your partner and enjoying the view of the cool blue waters with your family.

Take a splash and have some fun under the heat of the sun. Take a ride on speed boats and feel the cool wind. You can dive into the waters ,go snorkeling and explore the beauty under the waters. Explore the Island of Cebu and be amazed.

There are a lot beach resorts in Cebu that tourists could choose
and on the top of my list for the Best Beach Resorts are:

Malapascua Island Resort
Malapascua Island is a world class in diving paradise .Snake Island is one of the exciting dive sites t. It is a perfect island for relaxation and do a scuba diving where ypu can see the lovely coral reefs. This island also has bars, nice resorts and diff. cuisine of delicious food . They have also rooms that are comfortable to stay and with good amenities. The people living here are very hospitable. Aside from friendly people, you should experience the variety of marine life, especially the Thresher Sharks where in everybody can watch it.

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

 Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort is definitely a perfect getaway for guest and travelers. The rooms are equipped with amenities which has spacious bedrooms and a private veranda. The beach resort features Allegro Restaurant, which serves Barrio Fiesta Buffet dishes every Saturday night and has an entertainment live music with the highlights of a native cultural show that introduces the Cebu culture. You can also relax in Amuma Spa Café & Juice Bar, Molto Joli, which offers fresh fruits, desserts, meals, sandwiches, pasta pizza. For massage and therapy try also Anuma Spa.

Ogtong Cave Resort

Ogtong Cave Resort is called as a garden resort with wide open spaces and nice surroundings. It has an awesome entrance and a beautiful open-air restaurant. They offer individual cottages. They also have 2 swimming pools with kiddie pool, outdoor jacuzzi and slide. Aside from pools you can also enjoys swimming in the white sand beach and spring water cave, with the cool refreshing water on it. The resortgrounds and facilities are well kept and well maintened. Ogtong Cave Resort Cebu is a paradise where you can experience the relaxation . It is located in Bantayan Island.

Badian Island Resort

Badian Island is located 97.6 kilometers southwest of Cebu City and is very famous of breathtaking beaches which is the Badian Island Resort & Spa. Badian town is a quite small and only offers a small market for you where can buy raw food if you want to cook. Badian is also known for mountainous and hilly area where locals and tourists go around in jeepneys and tricyles.

Cebu White Sands Beach Resort 

Cebu White Sands Resort, is a beautiful resort hotel with a delightful blend of luxurious facilities and warm tropical beach. This is a very good location for relaxation. Amazing nice landscaping within the resort , enjoy yourself swimming in their 2 pools. You can also listen to their live band music which is located in their restaurant and plays every night. The best place to spend leisure time for yourself , friends or have a family vacation.  You can also do an island hopping tour within this island. Well know for its Excellent customer service with their tasty food at very affordable price.

Plantation Bay Resort

 Plantation Bay is already known for global with the clean elegance of colonial plantation architecture and spectacular view, design, environment. Its also breathtaking beautiful resort and quite hidden paradise. Perfect destination for families, couples, lovers, guest, travelers want to relax and enjoy. Feel comfortable with the furnished spacious rooms and plantation style of the furniture, paintings and other accessories inside the place. Plantation Bay restaurant offers international cuisine for the guest.

Imperial Waterpark Resort & Spa Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa is the newest addition to the resorts in Cebu .A very new luxury resort in cebu that is located along the shores of Mactan Island, Cebu . It features the resort waterpark.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cebu MY Hometown :)

Cebu Cebu Cebu... my hometown..
I've been living here for almost two decades and will be here spending the last day of my breath.
And I can personally recommend you things to do if you are here for a recreation or for a vacation.
But first, let me give you a background of my hometown Cebu
Cebu is famous for its festivals, fun-loving people, delicious food, exciting events, and fascinating tourist attractions.
Cebu is one of the best island destinations in the country. The province, which has a total land area of 4,932.79 square kilometers, ranks among the developed areas in southern Philippines. Cebu is considered the center of commerce, trade, and education in the Visayas region.
Like any other province in the Philippines, Cebu has its own share of captivating tourist sites. No wonder the Travel + Leisure magazine named Cebu the fourth-best Asian island destination last year. 

There are more plenty of reasons to visit my hometown Cebu. 

These are my recommendations for you when you will visit Cebu.

Cebu boasts of some of the best white-sand crystal-clear beaches in the Philippines. They say a visit to Cebu is never complete without enjoying its pristine waters. Barili, a third-class municipality in the southwestern coast of Cebu, is home to the Candugay and Sayaw Beaches. These bodies of water are ideal for various water recreational activities such as skimboarding and snorkeling. For diving you can also go to Moalboal and with the newest attraction the whale shark in Oslob wherein you can see it up close personally but with limitation to its distance as to protect the animal. You can also indulge in the beaches of Alcoy, Daanbantayan, Boljoon, and San Remigio.

Cebu City, the provincial capital, is the site of the colorful festival called Sinulog which honors the patron saint Senyor Santo Niño. This annual event, which is held on the third Sunday of January. During the occasion, the streets of Cebu are filled with people dressed in bright-colored costumes dancing to the beat of drums, trumpets, and native musical instruments. Other highlights of the nine-day event include fairs, exhibits, and film showing.

If turning back the hands of time is your idea of a vacation, then visiting the Magellan's Cross in Cebu City is right for you. The Christian symbol, which is housed inside a chapel near Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, was planted by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to celebrate the baptism of former island chief Rajah Humabon and more than 500 others on April 21, 1521.

Never leave Cebu without buying its famous dried mangoes. This sweet snack is said to be the best of its kind in the world. Cebu's dried mangoes, which are naturally dried under the sun, have a chewy consistency that leaves a distinct taste in your mouth. When I do my groceries I make sure I buy even a one pack of this.

I will blog also the newest attractions in Cebu. Stay tune!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bumped off? Airlines now have to pay you more.

Airline passengers bumped off flights due to the practice of overbooking by carriers will now receive higher compensation for their trouble, the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has ordered.
Amid increasing passenger complaints about budget carriers bumping off passengers arbitrarily, the CAB on Monday published Economic Regulation No. 7 defining the rights of ticket holders.

The main provision covers an increase in compensation for passengers who, through no fault of their own, are denied boarding a flight.

“Carriers shall pay passengers holding confirmed reserved space—who had presented themselves for carriage at the proper time and place and fully complied with the carrier’s check-in and reconfirmation procedures—but who had been denied boarding for lack of space,” the new rule says.

Passengers on domestic flights will be entitled to a full refund of their ticket plus compensation of P3,000, up from the previous compensation rate of P150 that was set in the 1970s.

International passengers that are bumped off would also get a refund and compensation of P5,000, up from the previous P500.

“If accepted by the passenger, the compensation shall constitute liquidated damages for all damages incurred by the passenger as a result of the carriers’ failure to provide the passenger with confirmed reserved space,” the CAB said.

The new rule also states that before an airline can bump off a passenger due to lack of space, the company should first ask for volunteers to give up their seats. Airlines should give those who volunteer priority boarding on the next available flight.

The CAB said that in cases where the number of volunteers is not enough, passengers who would still be bumped off should be compensated based on the above rates.

The new CAB rule also says that passengers who are bumped off should be provided with refreshments or meals and hotel accommodations if the next flight leaves the next day, as well as transportation to and from the airport, free communications such as phone calls or Internet access and first aid, if necessary.

Passengers affected by flight delays of more than two hours that are an airline’s fault are also entitled to the same benefits. A passenger that opts out of his or her flight due to protracted delays should be given a full refund, the CAB said.

The airlines’ rights are protected by the new rule as well.

The CAB said airlines would be exempt from liability if trip delays are caused by safety and security reasons, “acts of God,” weather, labor strikes and other reasons beyond a company’s control.

The airlines are also absolved if it is the passenger’s fault that he missed his flight.


Boracay in one day

Summer is almost over, but you can still hit the beach for one last time. 
Boracay Island should be on your list. You can enjoy the island in one day and will leave you satisfied. But it would be much better if you stay longer. Sometimes, because of family or work , you are left with no choice and just have 24 hours to take a breather.

So how do you make the most out of your one day stay at Boracay Island?
You would want to experience being refreshed. 

For a day tour on Boracay you should do the ff:

  1. Indulging on food

Boracay is famous with choco shakes in wide variety of flavors, some even contain just the right amount of alcohol. They also have its famous fruit.You should try Jonah's and Jony's shakes while strolling around.

Those fruit shakes in Boracay is a must-try-drink. Pair it with the local delicacy the “choriburger” , its a grilled chorizo in a bun.
Enjoy your day tour by eating at fancy restaurants in Boracay. Fill in your stomachs and satisfy your taste buds before you engage in physical activities and adventures. You can eat again afterwards. 

I personally recommend
  • True Food's Indian cuisine
  • Sea Wind's buffet
  • Aria's Italian food
  • Real Coffee's calamansi muffins

  1. Buy local handicrafts
    Be sure to have a budget for buying Boracay local handicrafts and souvenirs that you can take home. You can find a wide collection of beach bracelets, earrings,anklets,necklaces and also home decors at affordable price. Try to haggle and compare prices among diff. stalls to get the best deals.

  1. Get a massage
    There are talented masseuses that you can find in Boracay. You can get a massage in spa houses or by the beach under the shade of a tree. Soothe and relax your aching muscles and mend your tired senses. You are there to relax and that is why you need to give yourself the most relaxing time of your life at very affordable prices. 
  1. Sailing and visiting an island
    The perfect time to go sailing is on Dusk. Sailing in Boracay on a paraw boat can be the most exciting and thrilling part of your trip. You can also do snorkeling. And to make it more exciting, hop to the next island.

To make this day tour , you should plan ahead. Make this day tour the best time of your life. This Boracay Island trip will surely leave you to visit again the place. 

ps: i dont own some of the photos.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beaches in Philippines

Philippines which is my home country is well known for its fantastic beaches. Here are some of my favorite picks that I’ve been to and I suggest you to visit.

1. EL Nido, Palawan
 It is officially the Municipality of El Nido. A first class municipality and is managed resource protected area in the province of Palawan in the Philippines. According to CNNGo, it is the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines for its "extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem”.
 Kota beach is located north of Cebu, in the Philippines. awesome white sand beach.
This island is also known as the 'Boracay in Cebu'.

This island has always been the favorite place of beach enthusiasts to go in the Philippines, both locals and foreign come to this place anytime of the year. It has White sand, beautiful sunset, lots of water activities, friendly people and cool waters and you can have your night life til wee hours.It is considered as one of the finest beaches in the world, ranking 8th online. 

4. Panglao, Bohol

This island is famous for its world class diving locations and you can find here numerous tourist resorts. If you love to dive, Panglao is the place to be. This place is a tiny island found hidden in it’s bigger nearby island of Bohol.

This island is a spot of all Surfer enthusiasts out there. The island has been tagged as the surfing capital of the Philippines, it is has best surfing conditions in the country. The place offers you waves that can curl up to 12 feet high. Aside from the waves, the place also has its crystal-like beaches that still remains protected and unspoiled by urban lifestyle. Surfers all over the world puts Siargao on their surfing destinations anytime of the year.

I'll be updating this post from time to time.
I am highly encouraging you to recommend other beaches that I should visit thru the comment section below.

p.s i don't own the photos. got it from various websites

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